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"The Comparative Project"-- a synopsis of presentations from panel one of the ISCP's inaugural conference

The Comparative Project: A Synopsis of Presentations from Panel One of the ISCP's inaugural conference, Constitutional Conflicts and the Judicial Role in Comparative Perspective

*Prepared by Orly Rachmilovitz

William Ewald (University of Pennsylvania School of Law)

Judicial Conservatism and Intellectual Courage: A Homage to President (ret.) Asher Grunis

          The recent retirement of President Asher Grunis would probably not be viewed by the legal community in Israel as the end of an era in the history of the Supreme Court. Justice Grunis has always been considered a sophisticated and cautious jurist who specialized in private law. It is also a well-known fact that during his short three-year tenure as President he focused primarily on procedural reforms in order to deal with the heavy caseload pressures on the judicial system.


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