Family Law

On Reproduction, Citizenship, and the Exclusion of Same-Sex Couples

In HCJ 5771/12 Moshe v. The Committee for Approval of Agreements for Carrying Fetuses, the Israeli Supreme Court decided a petition regarding the parenting rights of a lesbian couple who asked the Court to compel the Ministry of Health or a committee on its behalf which considers exceptional cases (the Exceptions Committee) to allow them to have a child using assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Inaccessible Motherhood: The Normative Void Regarding Reproductive Policies for Persons with Disabilities

Disability Legal Studies is a relatively new field. It seeks to apply the perspectives of Disability Studies to law and examines the role that legal institutions play in the social construction of disability. Looking at the case of Ora Mor Yosef, a Jewish-Israeli woman living with muscular dystrophy (CA 11184/14 CA, Anonymous v.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Woman’s Right to be Cremated Against the Wishes of Her Religious Family

A recent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court (CA 7918/15, Jane Doe v. Gal Friedman, November 24, 2015, available in translation here), in which the Court was called upon to determine whether a body could be cremated against the family’s wishes, affirmed one’s rights in death, but can also be seen as a vindication of identity rights.

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