Jewish Law

Does a Recent Decision Granting Equal Access to Mikvehs Mark the Chipping Away at Orthodoxy’s Hold on Israel or does it Cement it Further?

A decision in Conservative Movement v. Be’er Sheva Religious Council (AAA 5875/10, handed down by the Court on February 11, 2016) once more highlights the tension between Israel’s split identities – Jewish and democratic.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Woman’s Right to be Cremated Against the Wishes of Her Religious Family

A recent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court (CA 7918/15, Jane Doe v. Gal Friedman, November 24, 2015, available in translation here), in which the Court was called upon to determine whether a body could be cremated against the family’s wishes, affirmed one’s rights in death, but can also be seen as a vindication of identity rights.

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